Printing Supplies

Printer Repair & Maintenance

Healthcare & Pharmacies

The healthcare industry is a busy environment that requires reliable printing systems for printing prescription labels, medication orders and patient documents. We can equip your healthcare facility or pharmacy with the optimal mix of printers that match your particular volume and workflow. The printers and copiers in our inventory come from the most trusted brands in today’s market. These include Canon, HP, Lexmark, Epson, Xerox, Zebra and more.

From laser printers to inkjet printers, barcode label printers, barcode scanners and mobile computing devices, we supply all types of printers and data capture equipment certified for healthcare applications. Our printers are durable, reliable workhorses that can easily handle the high volume of printing your healthcare facilities and pharmacies generate. Known for their high-tech capabilities, these machines will optimize your printing functions and improve productivity, flexibility, and ROI. For a complete solution, we also offer all the supplies and maintenance kits your healthcare printers will require to keep everything running as efficiently as possible. We track your printer usage, and know when you’re running low on toner or other supplies, or when your machines are in need of service. In addition to a wide range of products and services, we also provide top-quality customer service, ensuring our customers get exactly what they need when they need it.

Managed Print Services

Adapt to the latest developments in e-health with solutions like managed print services and efficient label printing. Managed print solutions allow you to gain control over printing costs and management. We take the time to carefully analyze our customers’ needs and help them choose the right mix of products, programs, services, and options that save them time and expense, and streamline operations for the highest level of performance. Whether you need a “cost-per-page” plan that incorporates equipment and supplies cost, a monthly payment plan that includes supplies and service only, or a full managed system that manages your entire printing environment, we are the right managed print company for the job.

Printer Repair Service

Do you need maintenance or repairs on your healthcare printers? We’ve got you covered. We offer prompt on-site service to help you in these situations. This ensures minimum downtime, and extends the life of these valuable assets. You can count on our highly trained and factory-certified technicians to keep everything in top working condition. We understand that downtime is expensive and are therefore committed to resolving your hardware related issues as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Contact us today and let us help you select the right printers for your healthcare facility or pharmacy.