Ink & Toner from iPrint Technologies

iPrint Technologies offers ink and toner for inkjet and laser printers, respectively. Ink and toner cartridges are considerably different, both in terms of design and contents. Toner is a fine powder, whereas ink is a liquid. While they are both used to print photos and documents, the methods by which they accomplish this is completely different. Laser printers utilize an extremely complicated process to print whereas inkjets simply apply the ink to the page via microscopic nozzles.

Using cheap ink cartridges with your printers, including third-party/off-brand inks, can reduce how much you spend on printing supplies, but you may find that you’ll be sacrificing print quality and may even have to change the cartridges more frequently. This is why it’s important to always seek out the best ink brands that are compatible with you specific printer. The most reputable manufacturers, such as HP and Xerox, would always recommend that you use their printer ink instead of opting for a third-party brand. Using a third-party brand of cartridges can also result in other problems, such as the cartridges not being recognized by the printer.

At iPrint Technologies, we stock a variety of ink and toner cartridges (black and color) from all of the top manufacturers and offer them at very competitive prices. Rest assured that when you choose iPrint Technologies to handle your ink and toner needs, you’ll be getting first-rate, dependable supplies. Shop now by clicking the button below.