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HP printers are top quality printers known and used by many across the world. However, when you are buying printers from HP, you need to make an informed decision. HP offers various types of printers. Just knowing all you want is an HP printer is not enough. iPrint Technologies makes sure your journey of buying a printer is smooth, and you are informed about your decision. Our company offers top notch HP print services. We understand your needs, and we work with the customer in every step of their journey. We will not only guide you when you are buying a printer, but also help in regular maintenance of the HP printers.

iPrint Technologies has a good relationship with printing companies, and is very reliable. We have been dealers of printers for more than 40 years, and understand the trade very well.

iPrint Technologies offers a wide range of HP print services. The company specializes in stocking of high quality printers and their accompanying accessories. HP is one of the top brands of printers for iPrint Technologies. If you like HP products, especially printers, then iPrint Technologies is a one-stop shop for all your needs. At our company’s website, you will get two major types of HP printers namely; laser printers and inkjet printers. The multifunction printers are multipurpose as they can perform various tasks apart from printing. They can be used to print, scan documents, photocopy, and exchange fax messages. These printers are in different sizes.

When choosing HP print services, you need to factor in your budget and the needs you need it for. For large offices, you will need a big printer. You can either acquire the multipurpose printers which use ink or toner. Basically, the HP printers that use ink are called inkjet printers. On the other hand, the printers that use toner for printing are called laser printers.

If you don’t know the kind of HP printer services you need then you can contact our customer care to help you choose. Different printers have different capabilities.

While printers are necessary equipment for any office to run smoothly, the cost of buying a printer can be a deterrent. The good news is that you don’t have to buy very expensive printers for your needs. There are cheap options that are as effective as the rest.

Inkjet printers are a better option for most of the buyers, since the printers are affordable. Most of the people prefer these printers because they are not only cheap, but also easy to operate, and very fast. The printers are smaller in size, and can fit even in small office spaces.

Buy HP Toner from iPrint Technologies

At iPrint Technologies, you will not only get Hp printers, but also printer accessories. If you mind about the quality of toner, then you need to visit the iPrint Technologies. You can actually buy HP toner on the platform.

Toner is a powder, very fine used on laser printers. The powder is put in cartridges. The printers use a bit elaborate process to print using the toner unlike the inkjet printers which use ink. However, the documents, or photographs printed using laser printers of
high quality.

HP print services, toner and printer maintenance kits from iPrint Technologies.

Some dealers sell to unsuspecting customers low quality toners that mess up their printer’s efficiency in the long run. To just be on the safe side, it’s good to carry out a due diligence when choosing a reputable toner, and printer dealer. Look at the existing customer reviews to just be sure that whoever you are dealing with, sells top quality products.

For HP toner for sale, choose to buy from iPrint Technologies, since the company is a dependable partner when it comes to printing needs. The shop stocks original, and top quality products not only from HP, but from other main printer manufacturers. You don’t have to risk dealing with questionable dealers when you can get good quality toners at iPrint Technologies at very affordable prices.

HP Maintenance Kits Keep Your Printers Running

HP print services, toner and printer maintenance kits from iPrint Technologies.

HP printers require maintenance from time to time. HP maintenance kits come in hand during the routine maintenance exercises. To avoid breakdowns, each printer comes with a maintenance schedule which the user must adhere to. Basically, the exercise should be carried out after printing a specific number of pages.

Some printer parts should be replaced completely to ensures the printer runs smoothly without breakdowns. The maintenance kits come with set of spare parts for the printer. The major advantage of regular maintenance is that the printer is able to run for a long
period of time without any major failure.

As a HP printer user, you would like to know the components of an HP maintenance kit.The following are the parts contain in each set of maintenance kit; A transfer roller- this part is used to facilitate transfer of toner out of the cartridge to the paper. A fuser- this refers to that heating part of a printer that bonds the paper fibers to the toner. Other parts include; pickup rollers, separation pads and rollers, and feed rollers.

Our mission is to tailor a program that creates synergy between your people and the technology used in your workplace. All our partnerships start with the provision of necessary devices, supplies, maintenance, and services that you need. All these are integrated into an affordable and comprehensive cost per page program to meet your company’s goals.

At iPrint Technologies you will get sets of HP maintenance kits at affordable prices. The kits are of the best quality, and easily accessible. If you have a printer, and you want to have the printer remain reliable all the time, ensure you have at least one set of this kit from iPrint Technologies. You don’t have to risk having your printers fail and inconvenience you.

IPrint Technologies prides in offering HP print services, HP toner and maintenance kits at affordable prices. This is because we get best deals. We get our products directly from the HP printer manufacturer. Having stayed in the industry for years, we understand the customers’ printing needs and challenges. Therefore, we don’t stop at better pricing. They walk with their customers even after purchasing form them. We provide technical services to their clients.

Additionally, iPrint Technologies provide customized quotations fit for each client’s needs. This saves the client the hassle of going through long product sheets with many products. You can order for any of HP print service and products online on iPrint Technologies’ platform. It’s easy, fast and convenient.